Meet Juan & Lois

J & L Images is a distinctive combination of Juan & Lois’s passionate enthusiasm for capturing timeless equine, wildlife, landscape and travel photography. They are a husband-wife team, avid travelers and the owners of J & L Images in Georgetown, Kentucky. They are very fortunate to live in the heart of bluegrass country an area with beautiful horse farms and breathtaking landscapes! What is most rewarding for them is having the same interests in photography which enables them to be more creative. Juan & Lois believe life is meant to be a wonderful adventure one that should be shared with others. 

Juan - A native of Bourbon County and a retired Air Force veteran who has been blessed enough to travel abroad and capture dazzling images around the world. Juan has a unique artistic eye which makes him an excellent photographer! He is very technical when it comes to cameras and equipment. Juan is the IT guru behind the scenes and in front of the camera. Juan’s images have been used on billboards and published for advertisements.

Lois - Relocated to Kentucky over 20 years ago and that’s when she realized the beauty of the horse. Lois is a self-taught photographer with a real passion for equine, wildlife, scenic views and many mediums of art. She desires to portray animals with the elegance and dignity they so much deserve. Her body of work has been taken over several years. She has had the opportunity and privilege of going to many magnificent horse farms and photographing some beautiful animals and people. Lois' images have been published in newspapers and social media for advertisements.

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